Unable to find Mount Fuji

I have tried in vain to find Mt. Fuji in the new Japan update.
I have taking off from Haneda (RJTT?) in the DA-62 in a Northeast direction towards the mountains seen on the horizon, but when I get there there is no perfect cone but just some odd peaks.

Can some give me the compass course from Haneda ?

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265 degrees magnetic should do it, though I think you must have been very lost not to see Mt Fuji. It is rathe obvious, from a long way off. :wink:

Edit: If you were going northeast, it isn’t surprising you missed it though. I suspect you were heading for Fujioka instead.

I wouldn’t be too embarrassed about it though: plenty of real-life pilots have misread maps and compasses. There was even some guy who claimed to have got his east and west confused, and accidently crossed the Atlantic…


Well to be fair, COVID has closed that. :wink:

Does this work for you? May have to zoom out:

Roughly between 260 & 270 degrees.

That looks like Haneda. Try 35.3606° N, 138.7274° E.

That’s because the OP was flying out of that airport. Thus why I showed that airport.

I would think he already knows the airport he is flying out of!

Of course he does!

Read the OP’s first post. He wanted to know how to find Mt Fuji from that airport. So, I linked the chart.

Set up a flight plan from Nagoya to Tokyo. Once you have that direct route set, look for the Search field on the left and past (Ctrl+V - right click doesn’t work) this in:

35.362897, 138.730626

Add that custom waypoint to your flight plan, then set your weather for clear to get a good view.

Thanks all… the 265 magnetic set me straight and after takeoff I could of course see the cone of Mt. Fuji right away.

I recorded a YouTube of the flight in “live weather” …

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Do you have installed the Japan Package separate over the Marketplace?
Check it in the Content Manager

Even without the Japan update, Mt. Fuji is there, it just looks better now. My apologies to you @PilotMonster126 but I did find the idea of not being able to find a volcano slightly amusing. :wink:

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I flew to Fuji-san the weekend after the Japan Update came out - I flew the Pitts Special to enjoy the scenery up close and personal, and nice and slow. Circumnavigated about halfway around the cone at 8,000’ or so but ran into a wall of clouds, so I turned back to land at a little single-runway airport I had seen on the way in. Got lined up for the downwind when the game stuttered once with an ATC transmission, then crashed right to the desktop.

So it goes …

Remember that even Fuji-san started off as a baby. I seem to remember reading about a farmer somewhere (Central America I think) who had a little one pop up in his field. Apparently he got most upset when he was told how big it was likely to grow. :astonished:

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