Unable to launch the game after SU5

Since SU5 i am unable to launch the game. After about 80% shown on the progress bar, a return to desktop follows. It occurs both in normal mode and safe mode.
I re-installed Windows 10 on a formatted disc, and downloaded the 130 Gb package again. No other Apps on my sytem.
Downloading occurs normal, and ends with launching the game. I can open options, marketplace … and start a flight. Everything works fine, no ctd.
But after closing the sim, i am unable to launch it a again. It loads to about 80%…than back to desktop.

System (no overclocking): i9600k, 32Gb, RTX2070S, M.2 disc
MSFS Store version
Zendesk ticket #123402

Before SU5 the sim was running smoothly on my system. The latest releases don’t run anymore, very disappointing :frowning:

try going offline and see if it launches.

1 Install english (united states) lanuage pack.
2 Launch xbox app and sign out
3 Launch microsoft store app and sign out
4 restart pc.

5 Go to community folder and delete all folders and files.
6 G to OneStore folder and delete all 3rd party airports (non ms/asobo), landmarks and airplanes.
7 Go to


Delete file named content.xml
8 Go to


delete all folders

9 update system to the latest version via windows update
10 launch microsoft store app > sign in and check for updates
11 launch xbox app and sign in
12 update graphics card drivers

Restart PC.

Launch msfs.

The problem is caused by Nvidia Inspector.
After SU5, any (graphic) setting within Nvidia Inspector seem to prevent the sim from fully launching. Settings within Nvidia Control Panel do not cause any problems.

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