Unable to navigate menus with Xbox Controller

I have an Xbox Elite 2 controller hooked to my PC with the Xbox wireless adapter. Controller works perfectly.

In Flight Sim, the controller works great for flying the airplane. Unfortunately, you can’t navigate through the menus with it. Simple things like moving left and right around the tiles on the main page doesn’t work.

This is greatly obvious when you look at the Famous Landing Challenges. Going left and right, you can’t just move between each challenge. You have to grab the keyboard/mouse.

Even when it does move around, it’s incredibly difficult to identify which box is selected.

Same here, this is like that since the beginning, need to use mouse to browse menus

Hopefully this will be enhanced with the Xbox launch later this year

Also, sometimes the Bluetooth link is lost even for a second, but the sim stays frozen for about 20 sec, then continues
Same if you unplug a USB peripheral
A bit annoying also

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Can anybody else confirm this experience?

Yes I can, have you solved this yet? :slightly_smiling_face:

I was able to move left and right at least with my PS4 controller but my PS5 controller doesn’t work. On the PS4 one it was like an in-built mapping - the ‘select’ button on the controller would be the same as Enter on the keyboard, and the direction buttons would map to the cursor keys. The PS5 one does none of that, and I can’t see a way to map it.

I have not solved it. I gave up.

Now I have a new problem, the game won’t launch, tells me to insert the game disk.

I got that when I wasn’t connected to the internet.