Unable to start my MSFS for long time

Hello MS,

For a couple of months now I have been unable to start FS, the game takes a very long time to load and it stops at the mountain scenery image, then I start to get a message saying that the game cannot identify or find my box account or something and retries and this goes on.

I tried to find a solution by researching the web and one was to download from the product page an update but I can’t seem to find it.

Please help

Best regards

Alaa Riad

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MS STORE or Steam, where ever you bought from, you should had received a digital, license.

Thank you for your answer, the simulator was working just fine until about two months back it stops at the mountain scenery image, then I get a message saying something like my Xbox account can not be verified or something, I checked the forums and I knew it’s an issue that MS calls it a known issue and instructs to load updates through their App store which I can not find anywhere

Hi, If you mean you do not know how to update your MS Store apps, here is a youtube video about how to do that.

Many thanks

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