Unable to Update FSTARTER

Hey, guys. I’m curious if anyone here has purchased FSTARTER in the past and had issues updating the app or contacting the developer. The version I Purchased from .to is v3.3.0.0 but Looking at their forums, they recently released a new update v4.0 on March 3, 2024.

I followed the UPDATE FStarter instructions but was unable to update due to the Zip file not extracting.

– Selected Check for Updates within the App.
– I immediately saw a pop-up window indicating that a new update was ready. Do I want to install it?

After selecting OK, another pop-up box opens with instructions to close FSTARTER and unzip the FStarter_Update.zip file in the FStarter directory.

Despite many attempts to unzip the zip file with WINRAR, Windows Extractor, and even WinZip, it always Results in the error message indicating that the file archive is either in unknown format or damaged. No archives could be found.

  1. Despite contacting the Developer via their provided email, I have not received any feedback in a few days.
  2. I’ve also attempted to register in their forums by following the instructions…I have not received any Activation Requests to gain access to the forums as of yet.
  3. I contacted them personally for a request, but there was no response. I feel ripped off for purchasing a software that I can’t update due to communication issues with the developer & it continuously downloading a corrupt FStarter_Update.zip file.

Their store shows being the latest, the forum says upu have to email for the update ( hh ) just FYI.

Yes, and that msg says you have to email them, the updater won’t work. (I updated my prev post)

Which I have done but have not received any response in a few days, as I mentioned above.

They’ve already released two updates, v3.4 and now v4.0, and I’m still on version I’ll give it another week or two in the hopes of receiving a response.

So where’d you get the ZIP if they aren’t responding?

Have you read my post? I’ve been trying to download using the APP’s Check for Updates… Not by a response through them via email.

The app is constantly downloading a corrupt zip file. To clarify, the source I’m attempting to obtain it from is within the app wich is providing the ZIP, but obviously does not work.

I E-mailed them about the Issue but have yet to receive a response with a solution.

I will just continue waiting for the email response. It’s probably just delayed because of the Easter Holiday.

Did you read their message? They specifically state the in app updater will not work.

As to not responding for a few days, its annoying, but it could be nothing more than they are on holiday. I highly doubt they have some huge staff, its likely a one man operation.

Ok, I see that their message has changed when they switched over from 3.4 to 4.0 I didn’t notice the change until now, that’s not what it said a couple of days ago…at least now their clarifying the Updater is no Longer working period.

– Before it said something along the lines of… If you’re having trouble downloading the Update via the app, contact us via E-mail Well that explains it.

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