[UNDER INVESTIGATION] No streaming data working, photogrammetry and bing maps just stopped working

if I turn off online functionality it loads in using default scenery put if I switch to online it doesn’t work

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Same issue here, Started this morning Photogrammetry Bing maps is not loading and leave pink artifacts on the ground in certain places. At first I though it was some plants but now I see a whole bunch of people with the same issue. Hope Asobo is fixing this. This killed my mood to fly today. hunting it down to something on there end.


Anyone else encountering some weird random sim issues today? I was using the sim for most of today with no issues and then a couple of hours ago a few odd things started happening out of nowhere.
First thing I did was remove everything from my community folder so it is now empty:

Bing maps data is no longer working - All Data options are turned on in settings and internet speeds are working as normal. The maps on the World Map screen are all blurry too. I checked manual cache and all maps are blurry there too. It’s acting like I have Photogrammetry off but i don’t. I tried signing out of Xbox live and back in, no change

The Drone camera speed - It no longer changes. I put it up to 100 and it’s still the same speed. I put it to 0, in which it shouldn’t move at all, but still moves at the same speed.

Both of these issues above started at the same time. No new addons were added or any other changes made prior to the issue. Here are some pics of the issue:


Seen a couple of similar posts today. Sounds like server side issues.

Re the drone camera, that issue arose after SU5. To fix it, as a workaround, set the drone speed to something less than 100% and then change it to 100%. Might take a couple of tries at this before the higher speed “takes”


There have been a number of posts over the last couple weeks from people having this issue (see ‘Getting no satellite data anywhere’ for example, a bit further down in this forum).

I had the problem for about 5 days last week, then ok this week until yesterday, seems ok again this morning. I’ve tried all the suggested fixes on the forum and in the standard reply I got when I opened a support ticket which made no difference. My internet connection has been working fine at the time for streaming, other gaming, downloading and so on. The problem just sorts itself without any intervention from me.

It seems people having the issue are spread around geographically too so not necessarily a localised network problem. My guess is it is with the Asobo / MS servers like you suggest.

I’m wondering if it is a capacity issue, maybe since the XBox launch with a lot more users online at the same time.


yes, possibly. There is a related (I think) issue captured here that seems to be some kind of crossover between a world update conflict and streaming:

yeah even the maps app in windows is not working for me (its fixed now a couple minutes later lol)
in games still messed up

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every setting under “data” is on. World updates are installed, all is up to date. Xbox has good internet connection.

It worked fine some hours ago, suddenly the scenery is kind of offline.
Only changes were with language settings and offline cache increase.

any ideas?

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Maybe it is related to this issue:


Not sure if it’s related, but I’d also check your server connection speed. It won’t matter how good your broadband is if the FS2020 server you are connected to has a slow ping.

I am also currently having issues with seeing photogrammetry in the locations I have tested so far, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Paris.

I tried deleting and building a clean rolling cache.

I cycled all on-line services off and on again. Still not getting any photogrammetry.


I’ve not had this problem today, but have in the past. I solved it by logging out of the Xbox app and then logging back in.
Hope this helps.


@TangledBinkie44 I just tried that and it rectified the issue. Many thanks!

Interesting issue to experience. First time I have come across it.


Just to add another voice to this- I am also having the issue. I thought prior to coming here that it may be related to the Volanta update which just came out today- do any of you guys use that? If not then at least that can be eliminated as a probable cause.

Happy to help, glad you are all sorted now.

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same problem here :’(

Yep noticed this last night flying and there was no downloaded data happening.

Add me to the list. Problem seems to come and go. Perfect one trip, data missing the next.

I am also suddenly getting autogen buildings in a city where before I always got photogrammetry.

I’ve tried the following:

  1. delete and re-create the Rolling Cache
  2. remove all addons from Community folder (I’ve only ever used Neofly)
  3. turn Online, Bing, and Photogrammetry settings off and on again
  4. log out and back into Microsoft/Xbox account (I’m using the Steam version)
  5. try different servers (instead of “Automatic”)
  6. restart FS multiple times
  7. restart computer

But I’m still getting those autogen bulidings!


did I get it riight? log off and on on your smartphones Xbox app??
@Mattadee1522, @knack68 , @wilco3563 can you try that?

(it’s solved on my xbox but I tried so much. Could be anything :man_shrugging:)