[UNDER INVESTIGATION] No streaming data working, photogrammetry and bing maps just stopped working

same problem here :’(

Yep noticed this last night flying and there was no downloaded data happening.

Add me to the list. Problem seems to come and go. Perfect one trip, data missing the next.

I am also suddenly getting autogen buildings in a city where before I always got photogrammetry.

I’ve tried the following:

  1. delete and re-create the Rolling Cache
  2. remove all addons from Community folder (I’ve only ever used Neofly)
  3. turn Online, Bing, and Photogrammetry settings off and on again
  4. log out and back into Microsoft/Xbox account (I’m using the Steam version)
  5. try different servers (instead of “Automatic”)
  6. restart FS multiple times
  7. restart computer

But I’m still getting those autogen bulidings!


did I get it riight? log off and on on your smartphones Xbox app??
@Mattadee1522, @knack68 , @wilco3563 can you try that?

(it’s solved on my xbox but I tried so much. Could be anything :man_shrugging:)

yeah, I’m done trying for the day. going to go watch a movie instead. Sucks. :sleepy:

I’ve submitted a ticket to zendesk.


Glad to see its not just me, I raised a ticket with support but just got the generic reply of “try turning it off and on again, try clearing your cache” all the usual things you try before contacting support :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m now in the process of doing a full re-install just to see if anything is corrupt, but I’m betting this is a problem server side and they’re just not getting enough reports to make it worth their while to look into.

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It’s happening all over the world map:

Same Problem. Already had this last week.
It is getting ridiculous…

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We’ve just noticed this issue and when the Player Name Window is opened the Status and Servers windows are Greyed Out.
We tried Logging off and on again which made no difference.

Hope this gets sorted soon Guy’s.

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Same bug. It’s really annoying.

Bug, i noticed one thing… no crashes to desktop anymore… So i really think that crashes as to do with streaming data.

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Same here currently. I guess it’s a temporary outage of the servers.


Same thing happening here!

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Tried this and it reset my logbook and all profile settings! FFS!

@Jummivana I thought the logbook reset bug was fixed? Why did this happen again after simply logging out and back in? And what is happening with the servers?

Same happening here.

Same here, I wonder if this is a server issue?

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Have the same issue on the PC version. Haven’t found a solution yet.

Signing out and Signing in again doesn’t help and also resets some of my settings. Is if I opened msfs for the first time

Hope this can be fixed soon.

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Interesting… I’m on Xbox and logged in to a European server. Bing maps as well as photogrammetry are as usual (meaning that they are working fine) and today I made several flights already. Is this problem US server related?

Nope, i am in EU server with troubles and a good friend of mine, playing with EU server too does not have any issue.

U on PC or Xbox?