Understanding A320 Fenix screen fault indications

A320 fenix and sreen fault indications not understand

you have to align your IRS system, and wait for it to complete. The Fenx is a complex simulation. I would suggest watching some tutorials specific to it if you’re used to the standard A320.

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Thank you.

Orange means an urgent warning, blue means what to do.

Nav (something the navigation releated) TCAS fault, TCAS is the warning for other traffic coming along.

GPWS is the ground proximity warning system, it will not function when going too low. No “terrain, pull up” warning, no terrain radar showing up. Please switch the GPWS button left of the primary flight display off to ensure the on board computer will function proper.

F/CTL (some flight control related) direct law, protection lost. Direct law means because of abnormal flight or engine status the computer is no longer protecting the airplane against stalling, overspeeding, banking to steep, and other to extreme flight moves. The pilot has full control over the plane without any help of the computer.

Automatic pitch trim is lost. Use of manual pitch is necessary.

What have you done to this poor plane? :smiley:

When looking at the navigation screen it looks like you have switched all three IRS gyros to off on the overhead panel, therefore the poor Airbus no longer knows where she is.

Unfortunately you have no thrustworthy analogue instruments in your Airbus that´s why navigation will be a little bit difficult. The altimeter bar seems to be functional for some unknown reason while the complete rest of the artificial horizon is failing.

There is a trick to still find out the compass heading. In front of the overhead panel is some cool analogue compass hidden… click on it and it will come out.

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Thank you, for your complete explanation.

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