Underwing registration numbers and more

I’m wishing for some enhancements for aircraft registration number handling.
Pertains to the KA350i and C208 - others probably too.
As a livery re-painter I can’t currently put an underwing reg number on aircraft repaints that don’t have that built in, due to the one wing texture being reflected for the 2nd wing. Many (RL) aircraft have reg under left wing, many countries require it.
A quick fix would be repeat the reg number display object under the left wing and have (add) a aircraft.cfg item;
atc_id_enable_underwing = 1 ; 0 disable / enable underwing number.
So that would be independent of the main reg enable/disable.

Best fix of all would be to have textures for both wings not just one, and in the case of the KA350i both engines too.

While we’re at it fix that atc_id_enable item soonist so that it works and I don’t have to use a panel.cfg hack to get rid of the main fuse reg numbers. Very very few aircraft I’ve repainted have their reg number in the ‘standard’ place and often use a custom airline or other specific font.

So some of the atc_id_? items I’d like to see for reg number handling might be;
atc_id = “N-REGX” ; tail number (as it exists now - but see below)
atc_id_enable = 0 ; enable tail number (but functioning it doesn’t currently)
atc_id_enable_underwing = 1/0 (new item on/off underwing reg)
atc_id_enable_placard = 1/0 (new item on/off cockpit placard reg)
These would give us independant control of native reg number display.

Related is the issue of “I have to enter reg number every time I set up a flight” (if the atc_id is “”)
If the user changes or enters a reg number while setting up a flight they could be presented with a “Do you want to save this Registration Number to the aircraft.cfg file ?” dialog. MFS could then write that (or not) to the aircraft.cfg and it’s going to stick solving the ‘reg number every time’ gripe, and (bonus) the user does not have to edit aircraft.cfg themselves.

does color code work on the atc_id already?

oops I forgot that - I don’t think so at least not for all aircraft.

so what about those 3 airliners?

don’t know sorry, haven’t needed to do it yet, just been working with the C208 and KA350 and I’ve had to paint the reg numbers on those

yea i hate those big ones, would prefer the standard size on the tail etc.

As an “old” livery re-painter, I’m still looking for removing this default registration… do you know a way to do it ? I voted for you post because it’s annoying to deal with these numbers (tail, wing and cockpit)… It would be nice to have a solution like you propose.


It’s possible:


Oh thank you very much WeamDreaver !! I’ll try this :slight_smile:

Hi brynair thanks for the vote I do hope this gets fixed/sorted soon.
I’ve been successfully using the edit panel.cfg workaround/hack for my liveries to get rid of the default reg location, but I hate doing it, in that if that file (panel.cfg) changes in an ‘Official’ sense, mine will overrule the updated Asobo version.
I intend to update my published liveries if/when that happens - not something I want to do either. I check them after each patch.

Hi GentleDragon593,
Thanks for your answer :wink: It’s not made for that so it’s more a hack like you say… really hope they are going to do something about it soon… I think a sim like that. has to be more customizable (especially with the repaints)
But I’ll try it and check every thing after each patch… and wait until I publish my repaints…

Just to make sure there’s no confusion here, ‘my hacked’ panel.cfg is with my livery in the Community folder - I wouldn’t/don’t touch anything in the Official folder that would not be good practice ever.

Yes I see, but I tried to change these values in the panel.cfg (copied in the Community folder and declared in the layout.json) but my C172 has still this awful ASGX registration on the fuselage :confused: … I saw in the oder post, do I have to change something else (like Registration.css or something else) ?

Hi Brynair
The panel.cfg has turned into a bad idea, it breaks things like G1000 display in KA350 and heaven knows what else. In one sense we have to hope the devs get the atc_id_enable setting to function as intended, that would be the best fix. If that doesn’t happen in the next patch in 2 days, PM me as I have another way, it’s also a little problematic, so I’d rather see if they fix it first.

Ok … for now I’m like using a “-” in the atc_id_enable setting… Not really nice and still not ok for me, but no choice for now… Did you hear something about that ? Are they planning it ? how can we push that to MS or Asobo to fix it ? Because if I’m rigth, it’s a planned feature… if the line is in the aircraft.cfg :thinking:

I’ll wait until the 13th and let see what happens. But thanks again and hope this will be fixed soon :pray:t2: