Undock Avionics Panels on XBOX

I am wanting to see the panels to pop out on the Xbox … I find it very hard, during flight, to take the xbox controller, pan, zoom, change your view, etc., in the cockpit without crashing… I do not see why they cant let you click on the FMC, the radio, the Autopilot and have it show up on the main screen…similar to the map, or the atc window. It is my understanding that the PC version has this. Since we have the current (and I hope not forever) limitation of no third party add ons for maps, or FMCs that other sims or PC versions have, I would think this would be a simple request and I am surprised no one has put it on the list. Please join me in voting on this. If you know of a work around for all of this, let me know :smiley: