Undocked windows BUG - Need better multi-monitor support

Undocking ATC window (and any other window) to move it on another display, if you have VSync on it HALVES the frame rate from 60 to 30.
Zendesk told me there is no multi-monitor support at the moment.
We need that. Is this a simulator right?
Anyways, the bug is there even if using one single monitor…
And… what is the point to make windows undockable, if there is no multi-monitor support?!

Other main thread Undocking ATC with VSync HALVES fps (?) - #11 by MTpiperpilot

Hi there,
Sorry to close your topic, but bug reports go in the Bug Reports section, not Wishlist. Ordinarily, I would move the topic to the Bug Reports section, but as there is already one there, to move this there would create a duplicate topic.
The Code of Conduct prohibits creating topics for the purpose of promoting other topics, so this has been closed.
Thank you for your understanding.