Unexpected FPS improvements

I’m running a very modest rig. I5 6600k nividia 1080i 16gb ram. I have 2 monitors, one connected to the Gpu via digital vidio cable and the other monitor is connected to the mother board as my gpu only has one dvi in and my monitors are so old they don’t have hdmi out.
I decided to disable frame rates. I started the sim using cessna caravan at Miami. My fps were holding 30. I was taxing my way to runway 09 when I brought up the checklist and vfr map and transfered them onto my other monitor. Immediately my FPS shot up to 72. For the rest of the flight my frame rates were between 68 and 72. This is probably a known fact but I’d love to know how this is happening

hehe, that’s just the FPS meter being confused by the two windows. It’s adding up the FPS from both windows (so you were running at 36 FPS when it was displaying 72).

Regardless, don’t focus on FPS. If your experience is smooth and enjoyable, just turn off those meters and just enjoy flying.


Thanks for the heads up. I thought it was to good to be true.
Just a question do you use track IR with the sim

I don’t.

Will dip into VR once that’s been through a couple of months of improvements (and probably a needed GPU upgrade at that point, which I’ll delay until prices go back to the normal realm).

Not diving into the ‘early adopter’ hole on this one :slight_smile:

This is a proof that we don’t need such a hight FPS in the sim. You flew at 30 and was perfectly happy with visuals.

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When set up correctly, TrackIR is extremely good. When set up badly it is literally a pain in the neck. Take the time to set it up right and it really becomes quite natural. Lots of DCS people use it and they require comfort with very high levels of rapid movement and precision!

Or use “smoothtrack” on your phone or iPad. Works great. And you dont have to wear a silly hat/cap.

FYI if you have one monitor on the motherboard that monitor is running on the graphics integrated in the CPU, so you will have far, far, far worse performance on that one.

That must have been such a Good FPS Boost moment of Joy while if lasted.

How could you Spoil it for this Ever Hopeful of Decent Frame Rate’s type of Simmer ?

Just Kidding Bye the Byes !

I’m using the Gpu for the sim and the motherboard graphics I was shifting the vfr maps and checklist on that monitor

Very true though
Iv never had the money to go out and buy the latest hardware so iv always had to comprise.
Playing fsx on a crappy laptop with settings on ultra low wasn’t much fun.

My android phone wasn’t compatible with the smooth track according to play store. I don’t have ipad so that isn’t an option. I don’t mind wearing the hat, rather than those clips