Unicode or special characters support for Tail Number, Call Sign and Flight Number

Microsoft Windows 11 x64 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.1992)
Microsoft Flight Simulator

Below are my suggestions, please add the ability to support Unicode or special characters for the Tail Number, Call Sign and Flight Number for example text string like “大将 Taishō”.

Tail Number
The Tail Number should be able to display “大将 Taishō” including the kanji “大将” and special character “ō”.

Call Sign:
It is fine that ATC may not able to speak the kanji “大将” but should be able to speak “Taishō” in Japanese pronunciation, notice the last character is “ō” not “o”, “ō” in Japanese means the voice is dragged longer like “Taishōōōōō…”.

Flight Number

  • Same as Call Sign -

Vdeo above indicated the Unicode “大将” or special characters “ō” under the section of UTC OPTIONS had been trimmed off when “ENTER” key is pressed.

I think is good to support worldwide languages.

Thank you