Uninstall and re install?

I need the space in my PC, so uninstall and re install?
What is the best way to do this?

Do you think that by removing 120GB and putting 120 back in, you will save space?


You can move your directory.

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MS store or Steam version?

I read FS 2020 has been optimized and now is 83GB instead of 127GB

You are wrong :wink:

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this is THE reason for my answer above

83GB is just the compressed download size. The installed sim size is the full 120GB.

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I don’t think so. The default base install is still ~79GB.

He is actually correct :+1: The game will be about 80 GiB
I think we will get some news on this at upcoming Thursday (Dev update)

As I understand it there will be no saving of hard disk space by re-installing the sim.

The optimisation referred to in the previous update is only in terms of the size of data that needs to be downloaded from the servers, not the final size on disk.

I think the optimisation prevented the need to download redundant content that got over written (or patched) by subsequent download packages as part of the instal process.


MSFS 2020 premium deluxe with USA, Japan, WU3 and SU4 - 128GB not 80GB



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Plus 1 Gb sur le C:

Who says that the OP needs the additional scenery?
I certainly don’t and my MSFS is presently only 85.2GB.
I didn’t notice any increase in diskspace with any update, rather the opposite.

The release version was 80.6GB and now it’s 79.6GB.

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Not enough space on C drive?
Where is your official and community folder location?

Why don’t you simply uninstall unused aircraft and scenery?
Again, my complete install is only ~85GB.

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Just curious, say you uninstalled all aircraft but two or three, what the reduction in size might be. I don’t think I’ve ever seen storage burden on any of the aircraft in the sim…

Just look at the installed size in the content manager.

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Standard, deluxe, deluxe premiun. Only the last one is 127 Gb

What does a Tech Alpha Insider actually do?