Uninstalled Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Serie X by desperation because is buggy, crashy to Desktop, freezy.. IS UNPLAYABLE!

Another CTD, this time after clicked play after chosen A330neo and KLAX Los Angeles Airport.
So I have uninstalled the game and I believe that this time bill be permanently. Thoug it will make me sorry or even regret to have done such act, consider it as an act of desperation, lost of my trust I put on you and the game.
From now on I will think thrice befor purchasing a product of Microsoft.
My rage is for the money I have lost and the impossibility to obtain a refund since I passed over the maximum of 14 days since I bought Microsoft Flight Simulator either physical copy of Standard Edition and digital copy of Premium Deluxe Edition. I must give you fair thenks, congratulations for having me drove to madness. I am pheraps considering about speaking with som members of a consumers association of those existing in Italy…
Do you want to know the last issue? While taking off from Los Angeles to Honolulu the screen has frozen.

Now I cannot trust Microsoft nor Asobo, and now I cannot trust in reinstalling and playing this game anymore!

And I fear also that such title like this with all these issues, bugs, stutterings, CTDs, could risks also to ruin the Xbox Serie X console.

I feel your pain. I understand your frustration and in no way disagree with your solution. Below is a process I have learned works for me. I just posted this in another thread.

At the risk of being that guy – I have had no issues. In fact I happened to move from an xbox s to a xobox x. Maybe what I do is just a smoke and mirrors as there is no official guide. And I can only speak to the xbox side as I have no MS PC’s in my home.
My equipment
Xbox X with 1TB expansion card. (card removed from my old Xbox S)
Turtle Beach V1 Flight Controller
Wireless Mouse
Wired PC Keyboard
Wired Cable Internal 1T Connection
52" 4K Monitor with HDMI

I do what I call a ‘clean’ install. I sometime around SU5 deleted the game. Then I re-installed in order the Basic then Deluxe then Premium parts. Then in numerical order all SU updates. Then any paid addons and mods. I ran this ‘clean’ game to assure myself all things work as they should. Yes there were know issues but I knew it was a clean install. I then copied that to my expansion card. Now I only play with the game on the internal mem. If anything goes gunny sack I can remove the game from the internal mem then copy the ‘clean’ copy without spending time d/l from MS. When I new SU comes I then delete the ‘played’ version copy the ‘clean’ version then update. Delete the ‘old’ clean version then move the copy the new ‘clean’ version the expansion card. Yes its a bit of a pain but I’ve had very few CTD’s since I started doing this.
I’ve also learned what MS saves to it’s cloud and what stays local to my machine.

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