Due to not being able to get the sim to work I uninstalled it and had a refund. I will wait a week or two and see if all the installation issues have been corrected and re-purchase.
I uninstalled it using the normal Windows 10 App uninstall in Settings. I think there are other files in Users/Appdata and so on, but I am not sure exactly where thay are to delete. Are there any other remnants that should be removed so that when I reinstall there will be no conflicts.

I had it installed on it’s own emply drive not on C.


Seems premature to refund a game when the next patch in a weeks time is dedicated to fixing your exact issue.


Attention seeker


Sorry to see you go Leaping , yeah should have waited one more week, patch inc. Next time don’t rush off. Try and get help here , read the many fixed forum post , zendesk.


My money was of good quality but he download was not!

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You could just invest $1 in a game pass and play the base game that way.


Yes I was offered that during the refund conversation.

I ate a burrito today. Just thought i should let you know.


Was it of good qualty, because in my experience the quality varies.

Who did you refund it through?

Sorry im a little confused. So you bought the game (with good quality money at that) your having issues getting it to run. There is a patch in less than 6 days to fix these issues but you’ve decided to refund it, and then re-buy it once the patch comes out, out of principle that your paid good quality money for a product that was not. Seen as you’d rather go through all that rather than wait 6 days i can only assume its out of principle but if its out of principle you’d not give this company your money again once the issue is resolved.

None of this makes any sense.


And it seems pre mature to release a game that impossible for half the customers can’t install and filled with so many bugs I can barely have a normal flight. That’s PREMATURE!


Imagine having the patience of a 7 year old…


Having a baby 6 weeks early is also premature.

You’re right though, 50% of the customers not being able to install the game would be a catastrophic release - thank god its not nearly that many.

Welcome to the forum btw.


My advice is to leave the remnants there. Seeing as you have already got a refund, you would be getting something for nothing. Might not reduce your next download time, but perhaps save a couple of write to disk operation when you re-purchase the best flight sim in the world in a couple of weeks time.
However I am not sure if anyone here can help you with deleting the remnants unless they have already announced their departure and still not gone.

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Bye Bye :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:


Yup thanks to the forums some things are able to be tweaked and fixed but still I been a flight simmer since I was 12 and my heart is broken at the final product. And when I read the new patch I was even more disappointed. YES! They can now install it but now almost half the consumers again! Will experience buggy airliners.

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If your 6 weeks old premature baby can deliver the scenery FS2020 can then it’s a good baby premature or not.

The game was JUST released… It’s all about prioritization. It makes the most sense to focus on the bugs that are preventing people from playing the game at all, rather than focus on small details.

The airliner fixes will come; be patient.

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HOW can a company like Microsoft NO! Sorry WHY! Would a company like Microsoft release something like this when it does not look or feel at all ready? Be patient ??!?? Good sir I’m sure everyone was patient now. It’s also what alpha and beta testers are for to make sure the game is 100%. I do agree it all will be fixed but I do not agree on the patients my friend a lot of people already have been. Look at all the stats and reviews on games that come out buggy. This is worse then fallout 76 if I were to compare.

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