Uninstalling KB5005565 from 21H1 fixed my WU6 stuck installation loop

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Read a post someone mentioned this, and it WORKS
uninstalling KB5005565 from 21H1 fixed my - really bad - WU6 stuck installation loop
100/100 connection now downloading 35-112 MB
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new 9900KF, new 6800XT, 64GB
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WU VI - bit really Windows KB5005565, Microsoft has a Problem
Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?
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not yet

Isn’t it related to this? I haven’t even updated this patch yet…
But my game download is still in an infinite loop

That’s a security patch. You’d better be careful where you surf without that.

after the installation update …

Not related. I have that installed and am downloading fine at 8X.XX Mbits

It depends on your ISP, not related to computer or router (or rather, there is a transportation mismatch between servers and end client, suspects also ASOBO now)

me my problem is that the update is done in loop

Mod edit (original text):
moi mon problème c’est que la mise a jour se fait en boucle

my update starts again at fs-base-0.1.196.fspatch002.

How the problem was resolved if you wanted to

Mod edit (original text):
ma mise a jour recommence a fs-base-0.1.196.fspatch002.

Comment on resout le problème silvouplait

(Traduit par Google) Fermez le programme, puis allez dans votre dossier Official\OneStore ou Official\Steam, recherchez et supprimez tout ce qui n’est pas un dossier. Redémarrez le programme et il devrait se mettre à jour normalement, mais cela peut prendre deux ou trois essais.

Close the program, then go into your Official\OneStore or Official\Steam folder, find and delete anything that is not a folder. Restart the program and it should update normally, but it might take two or three tries.

todays hotfix fixed everything