Unintentional gear up landing in the Beechcraft Baron

Well, I thought the gear were up, so I pushed the button on the joystick to put the gear down. I heard the gear transition noise, so I thought we were all good. It turns out I had the gear already down and I actually retracted the gear. This was my first unintentional gear up landing in MSFS2020. It caught me by surprise. I guess that means gear up landings can happen to anyone. :slight_smile: On the bright side, though, the Baron has an extremely short landing roll with the gear up.


Always double-check those gear lights for green

GUMPS downwind checklist
Gas (fuel tank selector on fullest tank)
Seat belts and Switches


The hard part with the Baron is that the gear selector and gear lights are nicely hidden behind the yoke.

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Isn’t there a gear unsafe horn when you retard the throttle beyond a certain point with the wheels up?

I just tried configuring the Baron for landing with the gear up, and it appears there is no gear warning horn.

Quick question, could you tell me what the propeller check is? Is it as simple as checking it’s spinning or is there a dial that should be checked?

Google is your friend e.g. https://www.boldmethod.com/blog/lists/2015/05/pilots-should-remember-gumps/

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Gave me a good chuckle. Happens to the best of us!

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The old flying adage: there are two kinds of pilots: those that have done a wheels-up landing and those that still have to…


Hmm, interesting. Do real life Barons not have a gear up warning horn when you reduce power below a certain setting with the gear up? I have not flown a Baron in real life but all other real life aircraft I have flown (Piper Arrows, Cessna 210 and 177RG and Bonanza) had an audible warning. Annoying when you are practicing “clean” stalls at altitude but rather important I always thought…

And thank goodness I never heard a real warning in real life…

It’s the prop governor levers. You want to make sure they are all the way forward. This puts the props at the lowest angle of attack setting/highest engine RPM setting. This setting is used for takeoff and landing. During cruise flight you pull the prop governor back to get you better fuel economy.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not a real pilot. This is just what I have read.

Yay! Glad I got my wheels up landing over with early on in my flight sim flying career!

I’m not sure if real Barons have a gear warning horn or not. I would hope they do, though. I thought for sure the gear warning horn was simulated in the MSFS2020 Baron, but I might be thinking of the Bonanza.

Yes: in the checks I learned many, many years ago we used the “P” for “Pitch”: essentially you have to ensure the pitch is fully fine/RPM is max

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