United States Military Academy at West Point- Scenery Designer Needed

Below you will find some in-game VR footage of the default USMA scenery as found in the game. You will also find a picture of how it really looks. As you can see, they got the general shapes of the buildings right, but one of these things is not like the other.

Considering the Presidents, Generals, business leaders, and other heroes this institution has brought forth from it’s hallowed grounds, I think it deserves better treatment. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to design scenery, combined with the artistic ability of a rock. And a stupid rock at that.

Is there anyone out there with the proper skills and time to tackle this project, and do it right who wants to put their hands up and volunteer?

Thanks in advance,

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Nobody?? @FlyingsCool5650 Tom, you’re a scenery genius, any interest here? While MS should have given it the respect it needs, since they didn’t we community members should, and I would in a NY minute but I don’t know how!!!


So, unfortunately, I have not yet learned hot to create models. All my work is just using default objects and textures.

I did play a few lacrosse games down on those fields back in the day :slight_smile:
(Lafayette College Fall ball games). In fact, returning from one of those games, a car drove in front of the bus and forced the bus into a ditch and we flipped over. I think I had scored a goal that day :slight_smile: They whipped our butt each time.

@FlyingsCool5650 Of course we did… :wink:

BTW, can you think of anyone else with the skills for this? If so, please tag them… Or, just tag random strangers, I don’t care. I just would really like to see this done, it’s a place that deserves it. Heck, the Air Force Academy is done right, I don’t know about Annapolis, but given it’s proximity to DC, it probably is, and even the Citadel is. USMA deserves better.

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BullfrogSim. And the Bridge guy mngydg

@Bullfrog826541, @FlyingsCool5650 says you have the skills for this. Care to take a byte at it? Or maybe a nybble? I couldn’t find a tag for Bridge guy…

time consuming custom scenery is…

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