"Unlimited Fuel" remains in force when turned off

The header says it all really. Turning off “Unlimited Fuel” in the “Aircraft Systems” menu within “Assistance Options” leaves me, in any aircraft I fly, consuming no fuel during flight and unable to operate the fuel quantity sliders: more accurately, I can operate them, but a few seconds later they return to where they started. In effect, although “Unlimited Fuel” appears to be turned off, it remains in force.

Is there a configuration file somewhere under the bonnet that I can edit dirtectly to resolve this problem and properly disble the “Unlimited Fuel” setting

#pc Microsoft Store version

…have no issues so far ( I have mainly all assistence stuff off )…

Which flight model is set ?

Also there is a known issue, that for some users the assistence will be reset to easy.

Whether you can change this setting within a local settings file, I’am not sure about whether its possible.

I have the same issue, so far only tested on SW Kodiak during multiple hops ending at the starting airport still have the same amount fuel as when I started.
My settings says unlimited fuel is turned off and I can see the quantity drop slowly but not the % slider that’s always at 50%.

Have you tried various aircraft?

It’s taken a while, but it turns out the solution lay in control assignments.

It seems that when initially setting up MSFS I’d set “add fuel quantity” to a button on my Warthog HOTAS throttle that was then left in the “on” position. Removing the assignment removed the problem and prevented its recurrence.