Unlock Pop up screens

Can we unlock pop up screens ( VR Map etc) and move them to another monitor??? That would be a huge help.

Yes you can. Middle icon on upper right of each pop up let’s you undock it. Then you can drag it off to second screen.

Yes, you can already do it. I also put some pop up screens on my second monitor :slight_smile:

You only need to click on the “unlock” icon of the pop up in the right top corner of the pop (besides resize and close icon) and it will go into a normal window mode. Now you can drag it to the second screen with the mouse.

You can also undock the PFD and MFD by holding the right-alt key and clicking on them with your mouse.

Thank you… Any idea how to take screen shots and where they will end up?

When I mouse over to deal with coms or the map I lose aircraft control. Is that normal or is there a way to fix it?