Unlocking more files to the community

Hello pilots, Not sure if this has been asked before. I did heard that a lot files were locked from Asobo. Does anyone here agree with me that MS/ASOBO Should unlock all the Files MSFS the SR-22, 787,Longitude,weather,particles, contrails etc… ?? Y’all remember how we can modify everything in FSX back in the days ??? I would love to see that again. I think it’s a great idea. Imagine a Zibo version of all the planes on MSFS. I would love to see some huge improvements and modifications to the planes on MSFS, Such as improved flight dynamics, systems, etc…They do need a lot more work and I believe the community can contribute a lot to those planes also. I have seen the community here making planes, Utilities, scenery ,etc… And I really think this will help ASOBO a lot and will really make MSFS Really shine much better than what it is now and for many years to come. From what i have seen. I believe the community due to how awesomely talented they’re can make MSFS much better than what it is now!!

Happy flying boys.


Nah, right now it is only one config file per premium aircraft. I believe the whole point is just some protection for premium content. If they unlock everything, how do you prevent people to just distribute pirated premium aircraft/airport in the Internet though.

And 3rd party devs also have that same concern, so there will be more DRM to lock those down even harder.


Good point, but a shame because I really would like to see the 787 get improved by the community.


No one works on the 747 though, and people already figured out the hidden file for 787, and yet no one works on it afaik. So I don’t think the hidden file is a barrier at the moment. I guess all the enthusiasts already focus on the 32NX and the smaller jets.

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Hi, that is already happening. Have a look

747-8 Mod

Boeing 787-XE

FlyByWire A32NX


Oh sorry for being so outdated. Kudo to all the contributors \o/.

And as said, the hidden file is not a problem for mods at the moment.

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they should unlock files like the shader package, just allow things like you said before, but maybe it will come.
maybe the files are locked to avoid more bugs and to avoid complaints like “my things don’t work” since the update. etc etc.

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