Unmatched MP aircraft show as ducks

A neat Mod from @WombiiActual , displays any unmatched Aircraft as Large DUCKS. This makes it visually very obvious if there are planes in a MP session that are not “Correctly” matching to aircraft in your hangar.

Since I do not have many Airliner installed in my MSFS, this is what Heathrow (London) looks like to me.

Looking at the very obvious DUCKS, I can now easily see which aircraft I am missing in on my PC, and decide if I wish to add them in, or not.

Thanks @WombiiActual :+1:


Not going to lie, this made me laugh


This mod quacks me up. :stuck_out_tongue:



Was hoping to see real giant ducks flying around too, but this is hilarious.

Thanks for sharing.

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But why would you want to NOT have ducks?
Thank you for the post. I did not consider that it might have actual useful uses.

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I love this!

Wait till Christmas day !!

New X-Box controller for those that have been “Good” ?? (or not)

Hah - this is a funny mod!

I want to see a whole bunch of unidentified sea planes on the water though. That would look pretty surreal! :slight_smile:

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Could probably just replace the duck models in my duck addon here with various sizes of sea planes for that. Maybe just by pointing the path in the model.cfg files to the Asobo sea planes.

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Go on then :+1:
As a separate Mod = RASPT: Random AI Sea Plane Traffic

EDIT: Got a better name for you @WombiiActual :wink:

GRASP: Global Randomly Added Sea Planes

…it’s a winner!

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This is awesome. Heck, I may just try to delete all my aircraft so I can have nothing but giant rubber ducks!

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Removed a lot of plane from Community Folder for the SU12 update.

Now my MSFS is really Ducked up !!

Thanks @WombiiActual - Now I can see what I am missing !!

or what planes have been de-DUCKted from my sim !!

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[ATC] “Squack Two-Niner-Zero-Zero” :crazy_face:

The do fly !! and WOBBLE when they taxi !!

Amusing as DUCKS may be, in this case they do serve a useful purpose in identifying where aircraft matching is missing … either by a Bug, or because you do not have the same plane (ICAO code plane)

MSFS could benefit form a way to indicate if , when in MP, you do not have a matching aircraft for another players plane, identifying it, , so maybe you have the info needed to identify it, ad purchase it if you want … SALES !!!

Some way to see what is in the MP session, that may not be being displayed to you …

ie At a minimum, maybe


Love the idea of listing aircraft that others are using in real-time. (Also love the ducks). :pray:t3:

The Ducks are to get your attention to the more serious stuff.
The less Ducks, the better Model matching is working

Looks like it worked. :grin: