Unplayable today

Hi there…i dont know what is happening today…in the last few months, i had just a CTD here and there, but today, i just spent two hours on trying to start the sim…i had like 10 ctds in a row, restarted the computer like 4 times, sometimes, it wont start at all, or when the fligh is loading after entering the flightplan, it just blew up on me…what’s happening ? is it just a bad day ? thanks for helping…


Did you install the flap fix files from Flightsim.to recently and also have other files in your community folder? I did and was having CTDs just like you describe and I ended up having to remove the flap fix to stop them and instead manually change the flight_model.cfg files to fix the flaps issue.

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thanks for the answer…but no, i didnt install the flap fix…i just installed yesterday the new dev version of the fbw 320…and btw, what is the difference between the dev and the custom version of the fbw 320 ? (if you know)…thx

Remove all your mods, and try again - if it’s fine then add Addons one by one until it crashes and find the culprit that way!
I’ve not had a single CTD

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thanks…i have only that fbw 320 mod, and the rest is just liveries…no other addons as i know it might cause trouble…so far everything went fine, but today not any more…but i will try that…

Custom has its own flight controls. And it feels much better than the dev version.

But your CTD might be caused by something else. I know I had CTD because I was working to get my A320 working as a generic airtraffic so I can add liveries to them. Once I found the culprit I managed to get my sim a lot more stable.

But if you never really make edits to the airtraffic, it might be caused by something else.

thanks…i will may be delete the dev version and try the custom one…and then spent time on retrying again,…i feel bored with no flying on my day off ;):wink:

Note that the custom version also has a custom throttle configuration. So your throttle configuration might feel differently if you’ve set it up using the dev version. this custom throttle config was initially introduced to support the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant, so the throttle detents are managed by the A32NX mod, while keeping the sensitivity curve in the sim to be fully linear.

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Even liveries have created crash issues in the past, so don’t rule them out as the cause of your crash :slight_smile:


dev version is like a beta, the other is so-called stable.

Are you overclocking your pc? If yes try removing the overclock. The UI can be quite heavy on hardware for some reason.

Trying to inform everyone that most of the crashes are due to a bad cgl file in some of the handcrafted and payware airports. In ONE post Asobo confirmed that they know about it and are working on the problem. The bigger PROBLEM is no info or admission from them except that one post. I did not write down the title or take a snap shot for everyone but trying to tell the most people I can. I now can fly as long as a staty away from almost all the payware and handcrafted airports. I fly out of KATL Imagesim which is one of a few payware that causes no crash. VFR KMIA and KEYW are ok for me also.

nope…it might have been a reason…thx

thx all guys for your help…problem solved, with the new custom a320 by FBW (which is awesome btw…) installed and a change in liveries…

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