Wow, I was really impressed yesterday, I have a low-end gaming laptop and after adjusting my graphics settings after watching a vid on youtube my experience improved dramatically. But then out of nowhere the game stops working and closes, I think ok let’s load up again. Oh boy here come the headaches, game started fine then got stuck in ‘press any key to start’ like literally could not get past that, came off updated windows and left it until today. And the problems continue, the game loads and I can get into a flight (lovely, or so you would think). Well, what followed was unbearable stuttering low fps and another headache.

Is it too early to compare the launch of flight sim 2020 to Anthem or am I not patient enough. I’ve spent a week downloading it what the updater issues and I am quite frankly very disappointed.

I would much rather have a game that is playable than beautiful.

It’s very nice this story, but we don’t know your current configuration.
The game still requires some resources to be playable comfortably …

Besides your specs, you should say which changes you made to the configs. I mean, did you tweaked anything on the config files?

A lot of tutorials on YouTube are advising people to change things on the config files, but those may cause ctds in some cases. If you changed anything on the cfg files, try reverting those back.

Have you started setting priority to high or realtime on the CPU in task manager?

low gaming laptop,says enuf.
give us the specs.