Unsharp Instruments Pico4 VR

I have unsharp Textures especially at the knobs of the G1000 at every plane.

I have the Pico 4.
RTX 3090
DLSS Quality setting in the Sim
Open XR: CAS - Sharpening 80%
Steam VR: Godlike, 150 Mb/s, VDXR Runtime

Framerate is fine so far!

Are there any specific settings for rhis?

Use VDXR instead of SteamVR and switch to TAA

I also have a PICO 4

My configuration is

  • i7 13700K
  • RTX 4070 TI
  • 32GB RAM
  • NVME SSD (dedicated to MSFS)

I’ve never been able to get anything sharp with DLSS.
That’s why I disable DLSS for VR and put TAA
I stay in DX11 and go through VDXR. If you are on MSFS by MS Store then choose VDXR in VirtualDesktop.
In VD, I am in ULTRA at 150 Mb/s and 80% sharpening at 90hz
Overall I have good image quality and a constant framerate after which there remain very subjective interpretations regarding the feeling of things.
What is valid for one will not necessarily be valid for another.

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Are you using an override resolution in OpenXR Toolkit?

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I have found an older post of you with your settings! will give that a try later on…

Can you post a link to it please, I am also interested in these settings. Thanks!

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