Unusual MFD display

Does anyone know what this display is on the G1000 MFD? Some aircraft are initialized this way (DA62, C172, others with G1000). Restarting the flight sometimes fixes the problem. The buttons along the bottom, even labeled ones, are non-functional. Is there a way within the flight to reset the MFD (i.e., without restarting the flight)? THANKS!!!

Yes… I have same problem, no button working on G1000, but in left display seem normal… the right display just like yours. How to fix it?

I suspect this is a mod or a third party utility (not necessarily tied to a game, but possibly to a peripheral) that you have in common?

Good suggestion to check on mods and 3rd-party items! We should ALWAYS do that before posting.

In my case, the problem began immediately after installing the most recent major update (not the small performance update I got yesterday). At that time, I didn’t even know HOW to install mods!

Subsequent to that, I have installed a few, but haven’t noticed a change in this behavior.

I see this in about 75% of flight start-ups. Re-starting the flight fixes the MFD about 50% of the time. I’m hoping someone has discovered an in-game procedure which can refresh the MFD without exiting and restarting.

THANK YOU for reading the post and offering a great suggestion!!