Upcoming Dev Q&A Wishlist

Agreed. If they just let PC users opt-in to reverting back to Sim Update 4, I and along with many others would be very happy until they can fix this mess. For me, it’s unplayable right now.


Xbox is an arcade player

Clearly it is not.

Could not agree more with this.

Only thing I would add, is a similar thing, I believe the lighting to have taken a massive downgrade too.

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Thank you! Very reasonable request. That would help a lot.

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Lots of people think you are wrong about their imagination, or more specifically, their lack of one. If there were no problems, there’d be nothing on this board but people waxing metaphorically about how great the world is…


Replace weeks with months in the case of wind gusts… broken by SU4 (May 25th) over 3 months ago!

Edit to fix link.


It’s understandable since this is a massive game but monthly updates just not going to cut it. We need patches push out for content that is already release at a faster pace.

What I wish to know is, they keep telling us separate teams are working on different things. Then why is a simple request like making the logbook popup optional for example still not implemented after a year, a year!

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Reverting back to SU4 is never gonna happen, it’s time people accepted that as fact!

Also if many other VR users are just fine with latest updates (barring the obvious issues) then perhaps you need to look deeper at your own config, try and find out why it’s “unplayable” when many of us are “playing” just fine.

From a Series X player … the CTD’s are the biggest issue followed by the lack of fixes to the default aircraft that we are stuck with.

Funny how variable these things are. On Series X I had a spate of CTDs but then switched off the AI traffic. Only one in 3 weeks now. :thinking:

Still no word on the delayed Dev Q&A…? An update on when this will take place would be appreciated.


hopefully everyone will tell them to put the clouds back to how they used to be

and get rid of that nerve wracking shimmering


I’d ask them to sort the marketplace out. It’s pathetic. You’ve got people like Justflight saying it has taken SIX weeks for anyone to get around to looking at putting their arrows on the marketplace, only to be told that there are inexplicable bugs that they can’t replicate themselves. Meanwhile, utter dross like the A-10 and the Skyhawk is on there. Update frequency is frankly terrible. There seems to be a lack of professionalism with the marketplace. And from what I’ve seen so far, a great deal of apathy.

Do something about it, please. It isn’t good enough. Have some professional pride and do better. Or you risk alienating a lot of people.


My main wish is that the Q&A stops being delayed, that it is long enough and focused enough to lean into the obvious and hard questions from recent weeks/months.

Sure there is some variation but you’d have to be an idiot not to see the broad themes across platforms.

In business, regardless of the reason, any customer base would be unhappy at such a delay in an important comms event when things are seemingly most broken with the product they bought.

Give us a date please. If there is a renewed one I can’t find it!


Maybe the Q & A has been delayed because other more fundamental changes are underway behind the scenes.

Changes in the Dev team possibly.

Perhaps these forums will soon be proclaiming:

“The King is Dead, Long Live the King” *

*expressing no preference, merely speculating about the silence.

I’d love to hear about that too.

And why completely harmless and unproblematic functions such as the plus / minus buttons in the weather page are simply removed without comment, for no reason.


I would like to know that. Maybe then I will understand.

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From last weeks Dev Update


Thankyou albeit quite a long way off

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