Upcoming Dev Q&A Wishlist

Sure, it would be easier if you can take screenshots and videos of future problems, :slight_smile:

Kidding apart some times we do (follow the link for footage)

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Did you read through the posts I linked to above? The shimmering/AA issue has been commented on and voted for by over 130 people, and has been documented by screenshots and videos.
The purpose of this post is not to make a aware of new issues, but just to outline existing, documented issues so they are not forgotten in the next Q&A.


Yet… there has been a lot of degradations if not generally at least on night lighting.

Follow this link for some of the most notable analysis and comparison screenshots including pre-release/alpha not breaking NDA

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I think that’s all fine, but I think we are asking you to recognise that these issues are not prevelant for all users and hence statements like

are fine if you add on the end - “for some people”

Google search and this forum gives a lot of screenshots you can go to the same place and reproduce the same image. It looks more or less the same to me, which is a whole lot better than any other sim.

But we still have a lot of missing features and a long list of long standing bugs.

Personally i think the best and fastest way to improve this sim is to fill the gap it has compared to the competitors.

The trees in X-plane are flat, but here there are hundreds of posts about trees.

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It wasn’t just a caching issue. There’s been a downgrade in the clouds. They went from being thick and volumetric to thin and tiled in live weather. There’s an odd blur effect when anything passes in front of them. Upper-level clouds look like marshmallows. The clouds also have odd color banding like compression artifacts.


I never claimed that all issues are visible to everyone, especially as everyone is using different hardware and not everyone has a high-end PC, uses VR or has settings to Ultra.
I merely outlined issues that have been widely proven and discussed in the community, so much that they were officially logged as bugs, and listed them here for the upcoming Q&A so they are not forgotten or ignored. That is why I stated that this should not be a discussion about whether issues exist or not, because I only mentioned 3 issues that are sufficiently documents and logged already. Discussions about the issues themselves can be done in the relevant forum posts about the specific issue.

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“I can’t see it, so it isn’t there” isn’t very sound reasoning.

OK, but this is why you are getting others saying there are other issues they would rather support and not necessarily agreeiung with your questions. As I said in my first post, the only question you’ve posed that I would support is the 4th one.

This is, of course, a lot of the issue with the voting and other ways of asking questions on this forum. Everyone’s priorities are different. Yours appear to be fairly visual/graphically aoriented - others more about the flight model, or the siulation quality generally, or the ATC, or the weather…

Not easy to solve!

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These issues were solved for me with a recent nvidia driver update - can’t remember the numbers I went from/to, but I’m currently using 471.96 and don’t see these issues (but I did at the time of SU5)

Definitely sounds like we need a little all-around improvement.

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Oh boy… Just because something is better than X-Plane doesn’t mean it cannot or should not be discussed or improved.

Again, the issues mentioned in this post are quality issues that were not present before SU5, and have seen a huge degradation without any changes to hardware, software, drivers or settings. If an update downgrades visual quality, and hundreds of users are confirming this, it is definitely something that should be taken seriously by the developers and the people that are affected by it would like to see it being addressed and discussed in the Q&A session. If it doesn’t apply to you, why even comment here. I never said that future updates and improvements should not be discussed and are just as important.


Not what I’m saying - the OP seems concerned that people are not supporting their questions. I;m trying to explain why I think that’s the case.

My issues were the same as yours before SU5. If everything works well, why get caught up with things that I don’t see. But others may be having issues that are real, so I never talked them down anywhere. Instead I skipped talks about the issues I am not seeing, and simply focused on the improvements that interest me.
Now I am experiencing major issues myself though, and so are others, so we deserve to voice these and have them addressed, especially as they have been voted to the top of the ladder (Shimmering / AA issue is in the Top4 in the VR feedback snapshot).



Please, instead of discussing issues people are having and questioning their existence here, just add the items that are important to you, instead of talking down issues that you do not experience yourself.
The issues I have outlined here are real and have already been proven and discussed in the posts I have linked (some even logged as bugs). To discuss these issues, please do so in the corresponding posts, not here.


As far as i can remember the clouds have always been that bad, if you make one thin layer you can see the procedural generation algorithm making repetitive patterns in clouds. You can also see it in the water waves. A thicker cloud layer (or multiple layers) hides this glitch because of variations in height and thickness.

The glitch you see when an object moves in front of clouds are the result of raymarching rendering they do to make volumetric clouds work without a big performance hit.

The last 3 pictures show something i have never seen myself but yeah it looks bad. Is that on ultra?

It is on ultra. I only see it on high alt flights. Its never that way on lower-level clouds.

I don’t disagree with you at all.

You asked above why people post here when they don’t have the issues. I actually think it is as important that they do as the people who are experiencing the problem post that they have problems. My thinking here is:

If the threads within the forum only show one perspective, the impression that this is how the sim is for everyone is likely to emerge. The devs (assuming they do read the forums - which they say they do) should be looking to see the balanced view though - so yes there is problem XYZ - but does this affect everyone? What common factors might there be? How prevalent is it? etc.

People who are having issues might find solutions from those who don’t have the problem (example - maybe my post above about the nvidia drivers will help CapHicks01 - or maybe not, but if I think I’d better not post because I don’t have the issue, I think it less likely that people will share solutions

Others (NOT saying you) have used threads similar to this as a way of peddling narratives about everything from constant degredation, misselling of the sim, xbox conspiracies, dumbing down for “gamers” not “simmers” etc etc. I’m, not going to comment on any of those, but if no-one posts counter views, these narratives could gain unwarranted or unmerited currency. You may well argue that maybe I’m peddling the opposite “Asobo is always right” narrative - that is not my intent - but balance is key I feel.

There will, of course, always be people who post the “well I don’t have the problem, so it doesn’t exist and it’s all your fault”. I try not to do that, and maybe don’t always get it right. But equally I do feel that I should, where warranted, share some balancing views.


It’s good to have some context, unless i missed it it was already mentioned

As example, high level clouds:

It does not have the same fidelity, but if i’m correct it has always been like this (i’ve seen other variations in sim though currently)

It’s not hundreds of users, only a handful. Every update they are degrading the graphic quality according to some which doesn’t make any sense. If that were true a screenshot from a year ago should look very different from a screenshot taken today, which isn’t the case.

Why don’t people complain about all the missing cloud types that could improve the sim by a lot?
Or them adding fog? Or clear air turbulence?

Why are we still talking about trees? Why aren’t we asking for more tree types instead?

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