Upcoming moving charts app for the sim

Hi everyone

I am currently developing an app for moving charts

Hope you like it

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Very nice. Is this payware and what are the requirements?

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Thanks , still in development stage and the plan to attach only charts file into the app ,and then the App will detect those reference points to make moving chart with few parameters required like runway

How will this compare to navigraph?

Its almost similar to navigraph in general functionality the only thing that’s currently not considered the navigation map but maybe be later

May I ask which charts you will offering in the final release?

Because according the video you use very old/outdated Jeppesen JeppView charts, which is possible ok for the demo now but you should not included it in your release, when you don´t want to get any troubles with a lawyer of Jeppesen.

Ok, possible you have a contract with Jeppesen, and Jeppesen knows this - then it´s ok - for sure.



No troubles the app is to make moving charts that provided by the user and then the app will automatically convert them into moving charts with some parameters required , and those charts mostly available and updated in GCCA or others

Thank you for your advice

Ah thanks for the clarification - now I understood - so the end-user must look for the charts by himself, import it, add a few reference parameter to the charts and make the charts so moveable. Understood now - I´m not a lawyer but I guess, this is ok :slight_smile:

Thanks for the details and good luck with your app …

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The end user will do few steps everything will be cleared in upcoming videos

Thanks navigraph lawyer :grinning:

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I have a question regarding this will it be payware or freeware?

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Mostly payware

Not to be a ■■■■ but why would someone pay for this and then have to do all the work themselves when there’s already a solution out there that takes care of it all?

I think it depends on the use. If you don’t play often and don’t do a lot of navigation, you might be interested in paying a software once, and then get the chart that is needed for your flight: there is a lot of updated and accurate charts for major airports and for free. For instance here are the ones official for EBBR AIP for BELGIUM (section AD-2.EBBR) valid from 07 OCT 2021

The navigraph might be intersting but it is a monthly payment and very expensive for people only doing navigation occasinally. I think this correspond to a different need and indeed someone doing regulary navigation would probably prefer navigraph. And a little bit of competition in the work is good :wink: Navigraph should have also a model for people playing only occasionally (day pass or something like that).


Looking forward to your product very much please keep me posted and count me as your first subscriber

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@FlashedUnicorn1 Thanks I really appreciate it