Update stuck at 89%

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Update stuck at 89%

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Today I have tried to update to

The install first opened the “Accessibility Settings” menu - pressing Next started the update proces, but it got stuck at 89% (only missing 1 package).

I waited for a very very longtime, and then restarted the sim, but know it won´t resume downloading and says “Please wait…” with 0 kb downloaded.

I have remaned my community folder and tried again to no avail.

I can see that in my MSFS2020\Packages\Official\OneStore**.fscontent**\ folder there is a file called “asobo-airport-eham-amsterdam”, which I asume is a package file that should be decompressed, but isn´t.

As far as I know the .fscontent folder is where update files (Package files) are stored during an update download, and then should be decompressed afterwards - this doesn´t seem to happen.

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