[UPDATE 1.71] - FlyInside Bell 47G-2A1

We’re excited to announce a major update (1.71) to the FlyInside Bell 47, available now on the MSFS Marketplace!

We’ve enhanced the flight model to match improvements made to the the later version of the engine, and given it a fresh from the shop overhaul as well. You’ll have 220hp continuous available along with 240hp for 2-minutes maximum. This means better performance with a bit more MP available. Try it at high altitude!

Pay close attention to the engine temp gauges in your cockpit for overstress indications, along with charted limits. Placards are visible in the cockpit and also reprinted in the manual. Engine failures aren’t usually fun… unless you like to perform touchdown autorotations.

In addition you’ll find new static blade droop and dynamic blade coning effects.

  • Adds dynamic and static blade droop and rotor coning effects
  • Flight model engine enhancements
  • Adds two-minute engine limitations and failures
  • Adds temp gauge indications of engine overstress
  • Updated cockpit placards



Can’t wait to try it, by chance was the issue fixed where the pilot model kept twitching in external view?

Great news! I’ll have to give it a try tomorrow.

Outside of DCS this is the only sim helicopter I fly. So glad you are keeping her up to date and improving on what is already a great machine.


Unfortunately not. I just recorded this with the latest version:

The hands are not attached to the cyclic and collective either, just hanging/twitching on the pilot’s sides.

Yeah I noticed that too, thanks for posting an update though. I’m not too bothered by it since this heli is such a handful I usually don’t have time to go into external.

I wonder if turning off damage would help the pilot. Since I fly full realistic with damage on, I figured the pilot was just SO SCARED that he was shaking, because he knows that if for 1 second he fails to pay attention to the aircraft - he’s going down. :sweat_smile:

This addon is one of the best purchases I made for MSFS.