[UPDATE : 2.19] NeoFly New mission : VIP helicopter

  • New mission VIP helicopter : bring VIP to IRL Bing destination like stadium, ski, golf, etc
  • Added popup with sound when events like AI pilot landed, promotion, FBO weekly pay, etc

A lot of changes base on suggestions :

  • Added option to change plane name when it doesn’t match MSFS name
  • Added a runway ILS, hard, light mission filter
  • Added pre-filled max PAX, weight, range, mission filter with plane values when searching missions from hangar - Added plane name to log tab
  • Added “add” button to plane setting
  • Now if you reset missions with “Match rank & plane” check, it will take it in account

VIP Helicopter & Tourist missions : For some big cities, Bing request to get destination could be long, like 30-40 s, you can uncheck the feature if you don’t fly this 2 missions


“This site can’t be reached” when trying to download by clicking the link.
You need to select the text in the link and (chrome) rightclick–> go to…!

Hello, thanks, i fixed it

Enjoy NeoFly and you seem to be doing some great work with it. One thing is that I seem to make fuel on trips. I fly the 172 and I’ll start say 230lbs of fuel, the log will say I’ve burnt 30 at the end of the flight, and yet the flying screen says I now have 244lbs of fuel for some reason. I’ve never had to re-fuel an aircraft because of this.

Hi, I have neofly and bought the special features, events and fob. I use the installer, but I have one issue, By mistake I erase the A320 from aircraft list, but if I uninstall the neofly and RE install again, even with the zip folder or installer, all my profiles keep there, so, if I want to do the fresh installation of neofly, where is the folder to delete.

Erase the common.db file in c:\programdata\neofly folder (could be hidden)

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Hello, i don’t get what happen, can you come to discord for community help ?

That solved my issue. Thx neolord
By the way, I can add the helicopter mod to neofly to do search and rescue right?