[UPDATE : 3.13] New parachuting mission | NeoFly

Version 3.13

  • Parachuting mission (Elena owners must re-download Elena and re-install to have Elena parachuting sounds)
  • Fixed bug in stacked missions log

Version 3.12

  • Fixed the issue with payload stations when the plane has more than 15 stations
  • Fixed FBO airline prices
  • Added Airbus H145 Luxury and Civilian
  • Added new campaign (perk)

Version 3.11

  • WildFire and boat fire mission: see neofly.net to download the new files to install for this mission. You must be a 2nd officer to fly it or you can disable “Rank” in “Settings” tab
  • Smokes on emergency mission wrecks
  • Orange smoke on SAR mission

Bug fixed:

  • Only destination removed when searching
  • Airline rewards to low when moving east to west
  • CTD when crashing a rented plane
  • Fixed motor degradation too high while flying a long haul

Version 3.10

  • Added Elena: real voices for all missions (paying perks, check Settings tab )
  • Recorded Events with real voices too : if you bought events before, you can get the new events with real voices with the same link you received.
  • Added Russian
  • Fixed doctor out too soon in emergency mission
  • Fixed survivor out too soon in SAR mission
  • Fixed illicite mission last sound play twice
  • Fixed VIP helico mission not ending if event played

Changes in NeoFly

  • Fixed distance to airport bug in pandemic mission 6
  • Fixed “Fly to market” AI mission bug
  • Added German translation for campaign
  • Added new logo

Changes in Neopad 2.0 unzip neopad2.0.zip to MSFS community folder

  • New base map component
  • Working gesture, faster map load, zoom, layers swap
  • Manage waypoints for specific missions types
  • Less avwx key usage over time
  • Don’t reload anymore after a close / minimize
  • Instant Neopad applications swap without reload
  • New refresh button
  • Removed bug with flight plan mission line
  • New waypoints system in multiplayer:
    • Only server waypoints are took in consideration by mission line
    • Other players can add markers but they can remove only their own marker
    • Server can remove any markers

New feature : campaigns

Campaigns are a series of missions linked together by a theme. They are independent of standard missions but are part of your career progress. By flying the campaigns you will earn you cash and XP. Each mission is unique and has real sounds and events. If you complete all the chapters of a campaign, you will receive a substantial one time bonus . Campaigns can be played in all 3 modes: Free, Pro and Survival.

First free campaign : fight the pandemic