[UPDATE : 3.6] NeoFly NeoPad & failure events

  • Added NeoPad
  • Added failure events

Notes about Neopad :

  • At first 3.6 launch, authorize Neofly when windows firewall asks, so you can use neopad.
  • Install neopad.zip in the community folder
  • You can use NeoPad on a tablet or phone or H135 ERB by using local address and port like : http://[localadress]:18081/
  • In MSFS, moving the map with the mouse is a little buggy, use the mouse as a finger or click on the neopad sides.
  • We are aware we can’t see Sar or waypoint banner in the NeoPad, we are working on it.

Notes about failure events :

When a failure is triggered you can randomly have a collision failure or debris failure :

  • collision happens near takeoff or landing and can hit a lot of things : panels (airspeed, alt, compass, ect) trims, motors ect.
  • debris happens while taxiing or on the runway : can hit gear, hydraulics, fuel tank leak, ect…

In both cases you should hear the sound and get some weird behaviour.