Update 5

First of all. My game runs a hell of a lot better now. Which is awesome. That being said… What the heck happened to the game. My IFR plans are trashed. Initial IFR will tell me to climb to 16k, but when I take off it tells me to descend to practically field elevation. IDK what the deal is with the climb rates of my aircraft. They are just all dogged. Including FBWA320 which is updated to the most recent version. in the 787 i cant get over 500 fpm past like 28k. The A320 just overheats and retards the throttle repeatedly and i cant get past like 15k on autopilot. I may be behind on catching up with all the threads…but jeeze what in the world is going on.

Using live weather?

It is broken, try a preset…

Yeah ive tried live/ presets. Im also having an issues where i say im at FL310… STD baro (above 18k). and ATC just keeps telling me to descend to 310…im like…uhhhhh.im at 310…idk this whole update is just making a lot of ■■■■■■ things happen

Yeah, looks like atc and baro arearw broken as well.

I was using P2ATC but with the live weather not working I can’t get the baro right because it can’t read the weather info from the sim.

Things are a bit messy now, but hey, the performance is great :slight_smile:

Yeah performance is awesome…oh and another one…whenever im using my xbox controlled thats wired to my PC. whenever i am moving camera or hand flying…the mouse cursor dissapears…so i have to let go of everything in order to be able to use the cursor and click things in the cockpit…

this is frustrating, they didn’t do testing at all?!

I’m running into the same issues. Initial assignment is 12k, but right after takeoff, “Descend to 4600”! What for? I’m not using Live Weather. I used to be able to take the Longitude to 45k, but now, you can almost hear it grunting and groaning for altitude after 35k.

Yeah i hope this gets sorted out. i guess its a 2 steps forward 1 step back kind of deal…big improvements in 1 area with some drawback…that just happen to break the game

I know most of you emptied your community folders, but you should also clear the rolling cashe.

Unfortunately I’m not able to test the A320 or 787 in autopilot as I have no clue really how to fly it. That being said, I’m using REX Weather Force and I’m wondering if that will fix issues that people are having with the baro and weather problems.

Well, I did empty my community folder, but I forgot the rolling cache. I cleared that this morning, and will try another flight tonight to see if anything improves (fingers crossed).

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some paid addons may need to be updated too…

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