Update AIRAC over Brazil

When flying over Brazil, lot of routes and waypoints are missing and some are not up to date.
Please can you fix that as soon as possible?

This is a NAVBLUE issue. Subscribing to Navigraph (Jeppesen data) should fix problems.

i have a navigraph subscription and it is not fixed.
for example if flying with FBW A320 and a waypoint is not recorded in FS2020 you can’t enter it in your FMC.
So AIRAC have to be update over Brazil and maybe for other regions

Might want to contact Navigraph then. FAQ - Navigraph

What waypoint exactly?

Folks, it’s ANAC’s responsibility to report to ICAO errors and updates to Brazilian Navaids. The AIRAC simply reflects each nation states’ contributions.

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i dont remember dude, there are many missing

This is not because of Navigraph,
these routes and waypoints i am referring to are not present in MSFS datas. i will give you an example later.