Update Checker should check at start

does it not make more sense to put the Update-Searchscreen at start of the Sim?

Now you have to start up FS2020, then comes this screen, go back to desktop for updating and then “restart” FS2020.

The update-checker should be at the beginning, right?

What do you think?

I seem to be stuck at I am not getting any notice about an update at all. Windows Store troubleshooting faq has been followed.

How many updates would an update checker check if an update checker would check updates???

uhh what? :joy:

The Updatemanager has changed, now you search in Game vor Update without leaving to desktop and thats great

Always been like that for me… only time you’d have to go back to desktop is if the app itself hadn’t yet upgraded in the background. You can check for updates in windows store manually before launching to make sure it has.

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