[UPDATE] CYMX Mirabel (2023) | jpfil & 3dm

We are pleased to present the new 2023 update of CYMX Mirabel. Here are the main points covered so far:
Fixes and updates

  • AFCAD (parking, signage, ramps, lighting).
  • The textures of the taxis.
  • The textures of some buildings.
  • The location of certain objects (static planes, firefighting, maintenance and delivery vehicles).
  • Lighting of buildings and aprons.
  • Historical planes now in optional scenery.
  • The fences of the restricted area.
  • The more detailed texture of the facades of Fedex, Nolinor and Pratt&Whitney buildings.
  • The texture of the engines of the A225 (historic aircraft).
  • The texture of the B747sp from Pratt&Whitney.
  • The texture of streets and parking lots.
  • Street lights.
  • Four new commercial buildings.
  • An optional scenery of static aircraft.
  • Nolinor’s B737 OWG.
  • Lawn mower tractors.
  • Characters on the aprons.
  • Realistic obstacle lights on multiple buildings.
  • A flashing red light on the top of the control tower.
  • Wigwags.
  • Planes at the FBO.

Original scenery : Jean-Pierre Fillion, Dominic Marier and Didier Puentes.
2023 update : Jean-Pierre Fillion and Dominic Marier
The works have been separated by authors for a greater autonomy of possible updates.
Unless otherwise specified, the original buildings of the 2020 scenery remain in place.

Happy flights to CYMX!


Jean-Pierre Fillion
Dominic Marier