Update Install Process

I didn’t have any problems installing the update, but I’m a little concerned about a process that includes running 3 separate installs for “one update”. I’m hoping there’s a cleaner solution in the future?

  1. Required download update from the MS Store
  2. 2nd Update when launching the sim
  3. Go to the marketplace and “Buy” the World Content Update, download and install.

I understand there are multiple updates + content added in this update, but since there’s a forced update check every time you launch the sim, it seems like everything could be done at once. This last update process wasn’t very intuitive.

I esp don’t like having the world update buried in the Marketplace, when the Tour of Japan event is already on the sim homepage, and the content hasn’t been installed yet. ( yeah, I get this is paving the way for paid addons )

Also, content manager is getting to be a total mess with every single airport, mission, landing challenge, scenery, aircraft being added into one huge list. ( search doesn’t work very well either - so you have to scroll through a ton of stuff )
I really hope addon updates from the Marketplace will have a homepage notification or alert - so we don’t have to scroll through 1000 entries to see if they’re all up to date. :wink:

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I believe they’re still trying to figure out the best data flow which is understandable, in my opinion. Might also have to do with the sheer amount of data each patch and (possible?) restrictions from Steam maybe?

To be fair: at least two separate downloads are quite common among any game that “needs” a launcher.

Fair enough - it’s just concerning when you have a built-in update process, but still have to issue a front page notice on “steps to update the sim” :wink:

To be fair again: they probably tried to prevent countless rage posts even though the average simmer would have figured it out quickly.

the ragers don’t read. :wink: otherwise they would have seen the countless posts by the devs, well before launch, that the airliners are very much WIP and will need ongoing updates and improvements.

but that’s also an ongoing issue with sims that should be corrected. every sim released in the last 20 years has required users to screw around with graphics settings for hours to balance visuals and perf. And another hour to two to remap all the terrible default control mappings and sensitivities. Since virtual cockpits were introduced, no one has had a correct “pilot eye” position by default - they’re always way too low, to show off the instrument panel - but then you totally lose sight of the runway when flaring.

Simmers have figured out how to work around it - but not taking UI/UX as seriously as they should ( and I mean all sims ) they lose a lot of people who don’t know, or don’t take the time to figure things out and get it working correctly.

I’d held off on XPlane for years, because I hated the UI / camera system. After I finally sucked it up and spent a few hours remapping everything and getting it to work more like FS/P3D - I was much happier.

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They have big chaos and probably due different purchase system more bugs, different users have different problems. I’m Store user and simply that system what they developed due Microsoft system is horrible. I did first little step before update to latest patch and didn’t use Store but checked carefully before that Patch my system and what I saw??? hahahahahahahahaha

I started my PC after some time (days), no OS or other updates. I’ve readed this forum for news about Patch and sry, enjoy that chaos again, as every after paatch situtaion. Ok, then I went with idea to update so went to check with some sys SW what MSFS version I have now prior update. Can you imagine what I saw? I have version :smiley: I didn’t nothing to that time :smiley: Chaos, anarchy. They somehow on background (how ???) changed/presets that version :smiley: Really I feel that I’m on another planet also…
I started then (after that surprice) only MSFS with test (tried maybe think to go to big problem with MSFS not functionality but didn’t care now) and all was ok, without Store intervention :smiley: chaos…