Update issue. Is this a joke?

I left the game months ago because of all the issues. I’m back to check out the state of things. Last night I left my PC running all night to download and install 121GB worth of updates. I come back tonight and the Install Manager has exited.

I fire up the game and it asks me to download everything again, so I point it to the (non-default) folder where I downloaded everything. Now it looks like it is installing the updates.

I’m a little confused about what exactly the install manager does. I have 1Gbps internet, and I actually get 950+Mbps. 121GB should have taken me less than 30 minutes to download, especially at the speeds the Install Manager was showing. However, 3 hours into the update I decided to just go to bed and let it do its thing, figuring it was installing the update while it was downloading.

So if it didn’t actually install the update, what the heck was it doing? I just want to play the game. I have a family and a job, my time is pretty precious. 35 minutes into this thing updating and it’s at 100% and not advancing, the processes are pulling 4% CPU, 0% HDD, 0Mbps network usage. I have killed the process and restarted a couple times. Is this a joke? This has to be the worst updater I have ever seen.

I have tried running the app directly and via the MS Store. I have no add-ons. Everything is stock.

hi i had the same issue before, i had a very bad connction, it took like 3 days and nights to get only 50 GB…it was a nightmare, and for my (new) comp also…i decided then to get a cabled connection, box directly to comp, i got the promised 400 mbps…i donwloaded the sim, and the speed was around 100 mbps…it took me like 3 hours to download the whole thing…(finally)…
i downloaded yesterday a game from my xbox game pass…like 50 GB, and it took a little hour…the speed was going from 0 to 27 to 100 then up and down…i dont know wht these fluctuations and slow speed downloadng even a decent connection, and yours is even better …

Your connection speed is only as good as the servers speeds you are pull from. Feel lucky my friend. I live in the country and my speed is 22 Mbps at best. It took almost 2 full days (and night) to download SU5 for me.


Took me 20+ hours to download and I had to do it twice. This distribution model is horrible.


Is this a joke?

that users can not find the forum search function ?

The summary of your issue report story is: you have a download issue, may be a loop.

There are many topics about with hints and solutions. And this beside of the official FAQ.

What you already checked from all the existing hints ?

Download times will vary, my problem is not with downloads however but with a sim that has issue after issue> I wouldn’t mind if it took a week to download as long it worked when it had !!!

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You mean the guide with -100 downvotes that tells me to adjust window scaling, disable IPv6, and a whole bunch of other stuff I should never have to touch to make a game simply load and install an update?

I guess that’s part of the joke, right?


After letting the update manager sit for several hours trying to install the update I spent a night downloading, it finally just gave up and exited.

I uninstalled the game, deleted all the package folders the uninstaller didn’t delete. No mods, these were all just standard game folders. Then I reinstalled the entire thing. That ended up fixing my issue.

And uninstalling and reinstalling this game should not be necessary to fix it. That is if the code is correct, and the downloading mechanism is done correctly. Yes, have uninstalled FSX numerious times to clear out planes and aftermarket stuff I wanted out of the folders, but never had to reinstall to get it to work, it works every time after install, some configuring of settings yes, but that is way normal in all gams I suspect.

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FS2020 is an incredible bit of software, & for all it’s faults, I still love it.

That being said, it has the single worst installer / updater I have ever come across.

  • It will start downloading a small file, & then when that file is finished, it will stop all downloading & decompress & install that one file. Then it will start downloading all over again. This means that the overall download will never get to it’s optimum speed.
    Why not download the entire package, & then get off the servers & install after that?!
  • Why three different places to install updates? (Microsoft store, Sim startup, or In-Sim marketplace) This leaves room for error. Which one first? Which one did I miss?
    Why not one single update?
  • Allow an Opt-in checkbox before installing any update. That way users can wait for bugs to be ironed out before updating. (It would be interesting to know just how many people are unable to even use the sim since SU5)
  • Allow installation of the entire package on a single separate drive. At the moment, even if you install onto another hard drive, there is still data stored on the default drive, again causing countless issues.
  • Implement a Rollback feature, so users having problems with an update can rollback to a previous stable version.
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Because that would require an additional 100 GB or so of hard disk space?

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I mean, download everything required for the update in one piece. Not many separate files downloading one after the other.

All - One commenter said “that would require an additonal 100 GB of space”. Yes, but once update was completed, that space would be returned to be used. HDD cost has gone donw considerably over the years. A 2TB drive is not that expensive, which is more than adaquate for this game and all the other stuff stored on my C drive. It’s only 1TB, my back up on PC is 1TB, and several portable drives in the 500GB - 8 TB range. None was a budget breaker when purchaed. Having a place to go to, to get the update might be an option.

Bonjour Boscoh1,
Je suis un peu dans le même cas que toi. Chez moi après une 2ème réinstallation (DVD), ayant tout nettoyé auparavant , le gestionnaire me demande une mise à jour de 119,60 GiB alors que la mise à jour obligatoire est de 23,88 GiB. De plus j’ai constaté que le gestionnaire est déjà en version ainsi que dans le store !!.

Cordialement FJLAG

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