Update issue, not enough space?!

Try to install new update today. Message: “You don’t have enough space on this disk”.
Something wrong here? See the screen shot.
I have plenty of space so there is some problem here. Never had this before.

I can’t see a screenshot. Do you have more than one disk? It is possible you are trying to install the update, and it has defaulted to the wrong folder, meaning you would be installing a second copy in a different folder?

The disk is right but my installation folder content is only short cuts. Everything else is gone. I decide to reinstall the game to the same disk and it is filling it up at the same spot. I might have done a too good clean up earlier on the disk. Reinstall is a pain but as long as it works, so fine.

What cleanup did you run? Also, were you in any of the previous betas? You should be able to point your install at the folder that contains the already installed packages. It wouldn’t then require extra space as it will check over what it has, identify what is missing, and the difference would be downloaded.

For me this is “D:\Flight Simulator”, beneath which are the “Official”, and “Community” folders.

I delete som windows backups manually, and don’t know if that interfered. No betas. No big problem. Just take some time but that is all I have.

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