Update Patch size

This morning I started the Sim, it welcomed me and asked for updating the sim.
The update was 87 Kb and took less than a minute.

I thought the Patch is much larger than 87 kb.

Pleas advise

Bill Hagag

No, that’s it. There’s a 340 MB program update that you download from the Microsoft store, and after that, you start the game and it downloads 87 KB.

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yep, can be very small.

HelloStarless Lion50
I went to MS Store, there is no mention of the program you citing. Can you tell me what is it called.
Could it have been installed automatically with me knowing.
There was no call for it this morning when the update 87K was installed.



but this little patch was the update we were waiting for?

I also started Flight Simulator a few minutes ago and got the “mandatory update” message. I linked to the Microsoft Store, clicked on Delux, it correctly shows MSFS is installed. Next to the Play button I clicked on the […] box, the drop down shows update, I click on update and nothing happens. Is this the busy servers again and I have to keep trying click after click? Will I get a positive indication when download of the update begins?

The program in the Microsoft Store is simply an update to Flight Simulator. Since the game downloaded the 87 KB, you have already updated it - it wouldn’t download that otherwise.

You’re all set.

It’s also the ~340 MB update from the Store.

but wasn’t there an update of over 80 gb that had to arrive?

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