Update process = unstable, vs, Clean install = stable: a clear pattern after 5 updates on XBox

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There is a clear pattern after 5 updates: Each time an “update” is installed over top of an existing installation, it is unstable with CTDs. But if I uninstall (don’t save settings, factory reset Xbox) then clean install a new copy of the same updated version, it is very stable. Has been true for me since SU8, through to today’s

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Purchased Xbox Series X in May 2022, install of MSFS was SU8 I believe
SU9 update = unstable, CTDs
SU9 clean install = stable
SU10 update = unstable, CTDs
SU10 clean install = stable
SU10 update = unstable, CTDs
SU10 clean install = stable
SU10 update = unstable - just had CTD on first flight after update
SU10 clean install = … yet to test, takes a day to redownload all World Updates…

“Clean Install” process I used was:
In MSFS, “Sign Out” and NOT save data on console or in the cloud
In Manage MSFS, delete cache and reserved space, then uninstall game
In Xbox, Sign out of Xbox profile
In Xbox Settings, reset console, not saving any settings
Set up Xbox as if it’s the first time, sign in to Xbox and Game Pass, install MSFS
Install World Updates 1 to 10 in order. Rebooting after each install.

I am not using any 3rd party content from the marketplace, just MSFS, 10 World Updates (not Maverick), and am enrolled in the SU10 Beta program. I also quit MSFS when I am done (because ‘fast-resume’ never resumes properly, never reconnects to the network, etc). I also do a full shut down of Xbox when not in use, so always a fresh start up, and still the above behavior.

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Xbox Series X, standard Xbox Controller, Microsoft wireless keyboard mouse combo

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SU8 through today’s

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After more testing, I can confirm that the update process (from to screwed up controller settings on Xbox.

I had a clean install of the SU10 Beta, and then it “updated” automatically to the SU10 Beta.

After the update, basic camera control in the cockpit changed: Example, on Xbox:
Pressing LB + B sets a custom view
Pressing LB + Y activates your custom view
However, after the update, LB + Y would put the view in parts of the plane the camera can’t even go normally, inside the engine, or under the floor boards looking at the retracted wheels. Here in this video I set a custom view, return to default view, the press LB+Y and the view jumps to the back seat:

I tried deleting the Controller profile and resetting it to default, but this did not fix it. Only by signing out of MSFS, and then deleting my User Profile data, and setting up MSFS as new, did the controller then work properly again - but of course I lost all of my hours logged and had to reset sensitivity settings on the controller.