Update reset sim and logbook

#xbox 200 hours of flights gone, game has reset completely.

Given that Asobo will soon launch Reno Races. A paid DLC which will cost about the same as a full AAA title in itself and will surely have some sort of league table I am assuming that Asobo/Microsoft will aim to fix this bug which wipes logbook/profile/achievement progress because I don’t see that DLC working at all well if random wipes of progress are still a regular feature of MSFS2020

my logbook has been ‘wiped’ two times. It’s strange because the xbox apple app keeps accurate time – ie I have 7d 2h 23m but only 35 hours in my logbook.
I’m in the process of flying around the world. I keep a manual log so I will not get upset if Asobo/Mircrosft dump my stats.