Update: Savage Carbon - STOL Realism Mod (v2.10 / Dec 27, 2022)

Great thanks.

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thank you very much for this. a fantastic plane i will spend many hours enjoying.
great work

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thank you for the update!!

great mod… thoroughly enjoying it… though I need to get the update… less nose-dipping that way (fingers crossed) :smiley:

A real power beast. Thank you very much!


This may be a stupid question… but how do I switch tanks in a Savage Cub?

What you guys did with this Savage Cub in turning it into a carbon is totally awesome. So much so, I did a video on it. Link here: https://youtu.be/FjbhOnmibWY I’m going to have a lot of fun with this one. There’s really no need now for me to fly my kit fox that I paid for, other than autopilot. But who cares, we don’t need no stinking autopilot. lol Cheers Dion Youtube: #dionm01

PS: would it be possible to put floats on it or would the airframe not support them, just curious.


Man! This thing is a freakin’ rocket! Give her the throttle and the tail comes up with near-instant rudder authority. Wow! Just Wow!


It is awesome for sure. Cheers Dion

The 1.02 has a really cool orange livery i will use, and nice with the handbrake function to.
Great plane, so fun to fly!

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Thanks a for for this mod! It makes the already beautiful visuals of the Cub even better.

I’m just afraid to ruin my flying skill with this ridiculous performance :slight_smile: it sometimes flies like a helicopter and sometimes like an airplane, just as you want.


It is fun, and the graphics really nice, but the performance far exceeds reality. Fun as a game, but not really suitable for real-world simulation. Would love to see the performance tweaked to reflect actual performance.

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@anon99207371 What is the actual performance, do you have any experience with this planes configuration you would like to share?

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I’ll try to get some numbers together for comparison. I only had a short flight, and it’s the maximum climb rate/angle that seem exceptionally high.

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Im confused on the airgraft selection screen the original Club has a cruise speed of 233 km/h while the 915 is just 222km/h ??

… and there’s always got to be a couple party poopers in the bunch! Nothing wrong with having a little fun and letting your imagination loose.What’s wrong with having a bit of unrealistiC fun. So tell that to Mike Petay and a plane called Draco, was that reality, you bet, and how bout upcoming Scrappy with an 8 cylinder Reno air racing engine and a special monster 4 blade prop hanging off the front of a SUPER MODIFIED Carbon Cub! Ya think that things not going to be able to hang 10 off the prop… Realistic Climb, Ha, Ha, Ha… There is something for everyone in this wonderful Sim, so please let us dreamers have ours and go fly the stock stuff if ya want. Just my 2 cents!


For me it says 91KTAS for the original Savage and 120KTAS cruise speed for the Savage Carbon on the selection screen.

Wow…that’s a lot of posts and a lot of love for the Savage Carbon to wake up to. Glad you’re having so much fun with her!

Let me try to answer some quick questions, and a long one in the next post:

  1. Switch Fuel tanks: no need on the Savage Cub or the Savage Carbon, both tanks feed directly into the engine without a fuel tank selector.
  2. Floats: I wish, but modifying the 3D model is currently beyond my scope.
  3. Handbrake: Not installed on the original Savage Cub, but I added one on the Savage Carbon. Use a key-binding to control it as there is no lever in the cockpit for it.

Now the long post…realism. It has been rightfully brought up, and deserves a more complete answer and analysis. So here it goes!

First of all, is this plane realistic? Well yes. Watch this:

Nothing new here to be honest, only difference is, now you can do it too. How cool is that?

But I have never seen that before! Well, this is called STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) and is made possible by whacking the ■■■■ out of bush planes with big wings, big engines, VG’s, slats, upgraded brakes and much more. Realistic? Well…see the video again.

So where does the Carbon Savage come in? How come it does what it does? Well a lot is down to math and physics (as Mike Patey would say I suppose), which brings us to a very important aspect of a STOL plane: the power-to-weight ratio. Let’s compare 2 other bush planes we know very well, and our Savage Carbon:

Savage Cub
HP: 100
Empty weight: 650 lbs
Cruise: 89 kts
Power-to-weight: 0.154

HP: 180
Empty weight: 1216 lbs
Cruise: 126 kts
Power-to-Weight: 0.148

Savage Carbon
HP: 141
Empty weight: 585 lbs
Cruise: 120 kts
Power-to-weight: 0.241

So you see, nothing too amazing actually, except for that awesome power-to-weight ratio. And all I did was lose 10% of weight by using carbon fiber instead of aluminum (again, totally realistic) and add 41 more HP to it by using an accurately simulated Rotax 915iS (same engine as in Trend Palmer’s Freedomfox). I even was conservative on the top speed and constrained her a bit.

And here you have it. The STOL plane that the Savage Carbon truly is!

Only issue I would like to mention is the climb rate. Yes that is a little too high. But so it is for every other plane in the game that has the cruise speeds properly setup. Asobo is currently having a global issue with climb rates and service ceilings that needs fixing. This is out of my control. So yes she currently does 2200fpm (at MTOW, 5500 RPM), and maybe it should be 1800-2000fpm or so. And yes she does 3000fpm without passenger and 1/3 of fuel (nice setup for STOL competitions by the way!) But I can’t fix the climb rate without sacrificing cruise.

In any case, I hope you found this post/article enlightening and continue to enjoy this highly realistic simulation of a true STOL machine (minus the climb rate for now yes?) :slight_smile:

Above all, have fun, and see you in the skies!