Update to 1.21.18 broke my installation AGAIN

Today FS asked for an update, and after launch it asked me to specify the package download location, claiming it has 123GB left to download. I’ve pointed it to my content folder (on a different drive), and it still wanted to download the whole enchilada. I’ve checked the content folder in windows explorer, and it was empty, save for a few small files. Thankfully I have a full backup of my data drive, so thankfully I don’t have to endure the 6Mbit max speed on my 150Mbit line all over again.

Asobo, FFS, fix the content download nightmare already.

When you say your “content folder”, what are your referring to?


Maybe you should select the drive not the folder.

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If you want to change location you must point to the folder containing your Community and Official folders which as far as I know must exist or be created beforehand and preferably with the correct path edited in UserCfg. Any mistake in spelling or syntax ( : and \ ) will revert it to the default install path. Therefore I suggest navigating to your community or official folder, right click on it and choose properties. Then simply copy the shown location to paste into UserCfg.

However if it does start loading to the wrong place you can pause the download, correct your mistake(s) and then restart MSFS. It should then find the right location.


Yet there are thousands and thousands of us who have updated to 1.21.18 totally fine… so why is this an Asobo issue?

The Packages folder that the game asks for after first launch

Didn’t know where the package location was defined, thanks for that. Anyway, this still wouldn’t solve the issue of the folder that was set previously being redownloaded from scratch :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you’ve seen this, if not it may be of some help.

I did have this issue where it wanted to download the entire thing, and wanted to put it into the default location.
After pointing it to my existing location, even though it still said it was going to download the full ting, it changed once it got going to a minimal update (I was running the 1.21.8 beta before however).

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Were you in the Beta? Some users didn’t opt back out of the Beta prior to the 13th, and were forcibly removed. The next time they fired up the sim it requested an update, and depending on where you have the sim installed i.e. default or not, then you may end up with a very large download ahead of you.

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