Update to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MU-2

A new update to the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MU-2 (v1.0.18) is now available from Content Manager. Please see the release notes below:

  • Adjusted aircraft take-off characteristics based on player feedback.
  • Added a second GPS unit so pilots can use two Com/Nav radios.
  • Fixed an issue with the heading selector.
  • Added window de-icing.
  • Fixed an issue where the windshield de-ice switch didn’t affect rate of change of cell ice accumulation.
  • Fixed incorrect labelling tooltip on “Pitch / Aileron Trim”
  • Fixed an issue where the EFB glass cockpit selection was reversed (Green “Yes” corresponded to Classic/no glass cockpit).
  • Fixed the MU-2 being miscategorized as Propeller in the aircraft selection UI. It is now correctly categorized as a Turboprop.