[UPDATE] VeroRoutes - Real-world flight routes and en-route CPDLC simulation | FSAerodata

Introducing VeroRoutes, the most detailed collection of real-world flight routes and en-route CPDLC simulation.
VeroRoutes gives a new dimension of realism in flight simulation with its large database of real-world flight plans of 36,000 added every day in the US airspace.
Additionally, during en-route navigation, it provides flightplan related messages to the aircraft via CPDLC messages as in the real-life flight.
Fully compatible with FlyByWire A32NX; for aircrafts without a CPDLC display, a custom gauge is available.
More details and demo available at: https://www.fsaerodata.com




A new Chrome extension for VeroRoutes makes flight planning much easier.

Select any flight route on Flightradar24 or FlightAware flight tracking service and VeroRoutes will import from our database all flight plan details (filed, cleared, and executed flight plans, departure runway, and parking, squawk code, changes on the route, SIDs, STARs, alternates, D-ATIS, etc…).

Furthermore, you can activate the delivery of CPDLC messages during the en-route phase for the flight selected as it happened in the real-world flight.

More details: https://www.fsaerodata.com