Updated Beijing Daxing International Airport

I planned to fly to Beijing Daxing International Airport(IATA: PKX,ICAO: ZBAD), but I found that this airport doesn’t exist on the map.
I asked a friend from China, he said the map of China in the simulator is too old.
Maybe the data need to be updated.

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Beijing Daxing Airport has been completed by the production team. It is not yet released due to SDK, please wait.

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Beijing Daxing seems to be under development by third party Start Atlas. I flew in the game to the place where the airport should be and we can see the terminal building. Not beautiful, but there, without any runway…Same for Chengdu Tianfu airport ZUTF that is just opened IRL.

By the way, I would hope a kind of World Update covering the whole asia continent (South Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia), with some cities and POIs.

I was watching the Yesterday TV channel this morning in the UK, and Impossible Engineering was showing the construction of Beijing Daxing International Airport (IATA: PKX , ICAO: ZBAD )

This is an amazing structure that deserves to be in MSFS but it is not. For such a major airport, I hope that it will be added at some time to MSFS?


also here